East Hanover Italian American Club

About Us

The East Hanover Italian American Club was founded in 1983

The East Hanover Italian American Club was founded in 1983. The founders of the club wanted to work for the betterment of their community, as well as promote our large Italian heritage.

Over the decades, the club’s mission has expanded. The philanthropic work includes a scholarship program at Hanover Park High School and Whippany Park High School. The scholarship funds are raised each year at the club’s annual carnival in Lurker Park in May. The club also takes pride in helping those who are in need; as well as to support other community organizations that work toward the greater good. In 2017, the EHIAC was instrumental in starting a bocce ball program in East Hanover.

The Morris County Columbus Day Parade, sponsored by the EHIAC in conjunction with the township of East Hanover, has been in existence since 2005. Our Parade mission is to perpetuate our rich Italian heritage, pride, and culture. The annual Pasta & Comedy Night, which happens each spring, is also used as a vehicle to fundraise for the Morris County Columbus Day Parade.

The hard work of our members, along with the kindness and generosity of our sponsors and all those who support our events, has given us the ability to support our missions.

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